1st Dormitory “MEDYK”

The 1st Dormitory “MEDYK” of the Medical University of Lodz is located in the academic housing estate “Lumumbowo” at Patrice Lumumby Street 5. The convenient location of the estate, proximity to popular tram lines No. 12, 15 and 43, guarantees quick access to classes and to the city center. There is a clinic, a canteen, a small shopping center, a bicycle station and the AZS sports complex in the academic estate.

Building Description

The spacious, 4-storey building has 170 well-equipped rooms, prepared to welcome students both during the academic year and during the summer holidays. In the dormitory building we have renovated rooms, a cinema room prepared for students, which is also used for other entertainment purposes. The building has a spacious hall with comfortable sofas and a TV, there are also vending machines with drinks and snacks. We have a well-equipped gym and a fitness room that can be used by all students of the Medical University. The building has a laundry room with washing machines and dryers. In the dormitory there is a club-cafe called “Medyk”, which is popular with all students, where you can spend a really nice time.

Description of double rooms:

  • the standard equipment: (a wardrobe, a bed, a bedside table, a table, a chair, a bookcase);
  • a separate part only with a sink (no bathrooms in the rooms);
  • an Internet socket;
  • a free set of bedding (a pillow, a blanket, a cover, a pillowcase and a sheet);

Common parts for residents:

  • kitchens on each floor – equipped with (oven, microwave, gas cookers, electric kettle);
  • showers – two separate rooms divided into women’s and men’s parts;
  • toilets – on each floor;

Description of the hotel part – (apartments):

  • double rooms;
  • bathroom;
  • toilet;
  • kitchen annexe;

Building advantages:

  • gym and fitness room – equipped with professional equipment;
  • laundry room – two rooms equipped with washing machines and dryers;
  • quiet study rooms – equipped with comfortable poufs, tables;
  • cinema room – with multimedia equipment;
  • club-cafe “Medyk”